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About Abhinav Milk

Abhinav Milk is a brand belonging to an inherently Farmer's family - The Jagtap(s) from Saswad. The concept of Dairy farming was actualised by Mr. Rajeev Jagtap & Mr. Sanjeev Jagtap (Progressive Farmers, Emminent Educationalists and Social Workers) who believe in providing healthy agricultural & dairy products made available easily to everyone. This vision is now taken fowrard by their sons Mr. Nirmohi Jagtap & Mr. Dhruva Jagtap who are changing the dynamics of this business by their creative and innovative ways. Our dairy farm is located on the banks of river Nira, which is supplemented by fresh water and 40 acres of organically cultivated fodder.

At Abhinav Milk, we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. To make this great country more great, we would require all citizen to be Physically and mentally fit. In present scenario of milk industry, adultration and malpractices are predominantly increasing. Thus getting good quality and natural milk is beyond reach for city dwellers which in this sense are under-priviledged as compared to our past generations. To make our loved ones to enjoy the real taste of milk and stay fit, we endevour to deliver the best quality farm fresh milk & other milk products from our healthy cattles.


Delivered immediately after milching.


Whole milk with maximum vital contents.


Pure milk with no mixings.

No Preservatives

No preseratives or chemicals added.

Organic feed

Cattles feeds are grown in our farms.

Healthy Cattle

Cattles treated by dedicated expertise.

Our Products

Cow Milk

Traditionally known for its nutritive value, cow milk produced at our dairy farm is in its purest form with fat content of 3.5% on average derived from Houstan Cows.

Buffalo Milk

Important part for a healthy diet especially for kids. Milk produced from our buffaloes is tastier and healthier with a fat content of 7% on average derived from Murrah Breed.


Purest form of ghee without any adulteration specially prepared from cream obtained from our best quality milk & prepared hygenically at our facility.


One of our famous products, our Basundi resembles the traditional taste of Pandharpur Basundi. It is thick, creamier and perfectly sweetened.


Curd obtained by coagulating milk with traditional additives like vinegar or lemon always gives perfect consistency, taste and natural blend.


Commonly known as Amrut on our planet. Buttermilk produced on our farm has the perfect sweet & sour taste. It is helps in digestion.


I am extremely happy with the service and products provided by Abhinav Milk. They have introduced a new system which helps me easily check my status from my mobile app.
- Gaurav Chafe

Abhinav Milk provides hassle free experience with consistency and on-time delivery.
- Sagar Pawar

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